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13th-Feb-2012 12:15 pm - So it's been for-freaking-ever...
Potentially Dangerous

But I'm back. Mostly 'cause I'm insanely bored just now waiting for my class to start. Freezing my fingers off, too. Plus, my textbook weighs on the order of half my weight, so misery abounds. I'm going to stop now, but I'll fill you all in on what you've missed later.

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30th-Jan-2010 12:04 am - Buffy, Repo!, and Twilight, oh my!
Here's a quick fun fact for ya, Anthony Stewart Head played Rupert "Ripper" Giles in BtVS and he played Nathan Wallace/Repo Man in Repo! The Genetic Opera. I am an obsessive avid fan of ASH, BtVS and Repo!

I'm writing a fanfic for BtVS, and I have to say, listening to ASH sing puts me in the right mood to write the fanfic. I HAVE NOT seen the episode Once More with Feeling as of yet, so DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR ME!!! I'm still on early season four. I'm itching to get back to watching, but I have to wait until the weekend after/of Valentine's Day. My school is giving us a Midwinter Break and we normally have it in early February.

Uh...Oh! I got transferred back to my brick-and-mortar high school. Classes start on Monday. I don't get my schedule 'till then either, but that's okay, because I know the layout of the school pretty well. I'm hoping to have lunch with my friends, but if I don't, I shall use it as an hour-long study period.

My dad is being my faithful and unofficial beta for my fanfics. - Sorry, had to stop for a sec 'cause Devon texted me back and I had to respond - There's another thing, I've been talking with Devon almost every day either on Facebook or texting. I feel good about this because I've always thought of him as a friend without knowing much about him other than that he, his mom, and his aunt were my dad's roommates for so long I can't really remember when Dad moved in with them. Dad moved out so I see Devon even less now. I'd still like to know Devon better though, because it seems like he'll be a part of my life for a while. (If you're actually reading this Devon...ummm, you sticking around and being my friend and whatever isn't required ya know...) And I know I've never mentioned this "Devon" to the rest of you before, but I guess that's cause I was too busy to write when I had any interaction with him previously. Hm, long paragraph...

Back to the fanfics though...Dad and I spent every evening last week going over edits to make to the fanifics and he's currently putting up very well with being my temporary editor-person for my book-novel-thing.

Have you ever felt like you were on the internet and missed one of the sites you visit religiously, only to count on your fingers and realize, no, you've hit them all? And then you're like, "Well what the hell am I supposed to do now?" Maybe that's just me...

Let's see...I guess I mentioned Twilight in the subject, didn't I? Let's see...Oh yes! If there's one thing to be said for Stephanie Meyer, it is that she has my damn taste in music. I hate it actually, because anyone who produces books like that shouldn't like my music. Really.

Kira got a boyfriend. His name's Joey. I have yet to meet him, but you can bet that after her last two boyfriends, I will be scrutinizing this one heavily. Maybe I'll explain the two ex-s later.

I'm finally writing from my bed. Except I think I wrote one single entry before this from my bed. I just write from other places much more often...

Um, lessee...I had something in mind a minute ago...Oh! Right! Dana's got to go down to California to fix up his old house and sell it. He's leaving early tomorrow and won't be back for eight days.

I think this is probably my longest entry yet, so I'm gonna wrap up here...

~Au revoir,
23rd-Jan-2010 07:36 pm(no subject)
Potentially Dangerous
So, do you remember when I told you lot I was going to read Twilight? Well, it took me just under three months to read them and form my opinion based purely on the books. They're not that well written and being in Bella's mind drove me mad. Also, I don't like the fans that jump down your throat. The ones that quietly sit in the back are alright though. Currently, I'm watching a marathon of 48 Hours Hard Evidence, a real-life murder mystery show and I'm noming on stale marshmallows.

Once again, I'm not in my own room. This time I'm on the couch again.

Personal computer got a virus - Had to stop that thought 'cause mom threw an old Squirtle keychain at me - the virus was Internet Security 2010, which looks like a valid program. Do not trust it! I promise you now it's a fake. Took it to Seattle Laptop repair, the employees of which I am becoming quite well aquainted. I'll get it back in 5-7 days. Until then, my computer is censoring every web page I visit, including things like fanfiction, particularly if the four letter "f" word (normally I'd write it out, Damn you censors! I'll probably come back and change it later.) is included. However, if the derogatory term for a gay man is used (three letters starting with F, which I refuse to write except under certain circumstances) it passes just fine. That really pisses me off.

Random fact: I have an unhealty obession with collecting and loving stuffed animals.

I have tubs full of them. Literally. I'm working on thinning them down though. Most of the guys I'm interested in already know me pretty well, so unless I meet some new guy - not likely when I'm stuck in the house - the thinning down is purely for my benefit.

I'm finally writing an actual book (two, really). My dad is currently my editor. I've been discussing my writing with him every night since Wednesday I believe.

This has taken me way longer than I expected it to, the magic box keeps distracting me.
26th-Nov-2009 05:57 am - Not Again
Potentially Dangerous
Dude, why am I never in my own bed when I write these things?

Places I've Been When Adding to My Personal LJ Account:
-The Couch
-My Chair
-The cot in my sister's room

And yet, never my own bed. I'm back on the cot again. Dad's visiting for Turkey Day.


Anyway. I'm working on a piece of Kingdom Hearts fanfic. And I've been listening to the opening and ending songs for Gravitation ("Super Drive" and "Glaring Dream", look 'em up on YouTube if you've never heard 'em before) on repeat for six hours now. Seriously, I never get tired of them. The anime ended like crap though, and the manga Shuichi is nowhere near as cute as the anime. Eh, it's now almost 6 am, which means my dad will be in here to get my sister and I up in about an hour. She's been asleep for three hours now. We had great fun earlier by drinking energy drinks and taking pictures of me cosplaying as fem!America from Hetalia (I call her Alice).

Ja ne minna,
21st-Nov-2009 10:00 pm - Ready to Read...Twilight
Potentially Dangerous
See, I've been saying I hate Twilight, but what I really hate is the fangirls (more specifically the crazy ones). So I'm going to start reading it.

Next up: My take on the "family" pre-Thanksgiving dinner.

We sat down with marinated mushrooms, green beans with almonds, ham, green olives stuffed with jalepenos, and three of the *stops for a moment to count* eight of us with a can of energy drink. Dessert was either raspberry or blackberry pie.

Guests included: T, Dana, Satsu, myself, Dana's sister Caroline, her sons Cameron and Collin, and their father Doug.

Dinner was lots of loud, happy talk. Lots of overlapping conversation.

See, my sister and I don't usually enjoy visiting Caroline because, quite frankly, her house smells like old lady and dog. Granted, she is an old lady with a dog, but still...

Now Dana's got his camera hooked up to the TV and he's showing off pictures of the home repair project and the Halloween party. The party was pretty d@mn sweet by the way, lots of innuendo and inside jokes and zombies and my sister and her friends went out in the front yard dressed like hos and they poured broken glow stick contents all over their boobs. Also, I had a dance-off with Aya but got called a cheater for using moves from the Breakfast Club's let's-get-high-and-dance routine. Big fun.

Oh great, the dog's been let out of the kennel.

Funny story time: I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself laughing in eighth grade when Kira got a crush on the new guy. I was laughing because his name was Zephyr. Caroline's dog's name? Zephyr.

G'Night You Lot,
19th-Nov-2009 04:10 pm - Painting a Picture
Potentially Dangerous
Let me set the scene. I'm laying on our ugly-@$$ uncomfortable couch, my computer taking up the front half of the cushion it's on and me taking up the back half. On my feet, someone managed to carelessly toss their winter coat. Tomorrow, when they need it, it will smell like feet. On top of the coat-come-blanket, our fat@$$ (I use the term lovingly) black cat, Prayer (she's my cat, she prefers me to anyone else) is sleeping and being my furry living space heater for my toes. Outside, it is wet. I live in Seattle, so I'm not expecting much different. Hoping it'll snow.

T and Dana's room is in the back of the house, and we've been re-modeling the house (but mostly their room) since we moved in summer of 2004. About five years. A month and a half ago, the 'rents hired the contractor kid of one of Dana's co-workers and his contractor buddy to fix it up for us. In a month and a half, they've done 3/4 of the work that we started when we moved in.

When we moved in, the entire back half of the house was concrete that had once had carpet over it, then we laid down OSB over it last year. Today the guys are laying down actual wood floors. But the glue they're using is awful-smelling, the kind of bad smell that gets you high and gives you a headache at the same time.

Right now I'm half-high off the smell of the stuff and I swear I can feel my brain cells dying. I had to quit classes early.

Anywho, I think I may come back and edit this when I'm not considering testing the "smoking cinnamon can get you high" myth out of sheer stupidity. I've never considered anything like this in my life aside from one time when I used one of those huge Sharpies for a project and got semi-high off of it.

18th-Nov-2009 09:23 pm - Now I Feel Lonely
Potentially Dangerous
I haven't seen any of my friends since my party on the last night of October. I feel so lonely and clingy and needy. I'm living with a pretty constant fear that all of my friends think I'm whiny and needy and that they'll move on and forget me. I'm becoming my own saboteur because I keep asking them if I seem needy and keep wondering if the reasons they give me for logging off our chats are truth or a way to escape me.

And the problem is, this is when they all live in the same state and city. What happens come college a mere two years from now?! I can't just go, "Oh hai, i'mma visit chu gaise @ lunch today" if Kira's in Michigan and Katsuye and Megumi and Aya are all scattered around the country (or globe) too. And what about after college? When we're all living our lives wherever they take us?

And me? Well, here's my plan as of now, in as full as I can give it to you, and this is best-case scenario that I actually achieve what I want to. In 2012 I graduate. I go to a nearby Community College and do all the stupid stuff I have to get done anyways and use my status as a student to transfer into a four-year college (this process actually increases my chances of getting into the four-year). I get my degrees and become a high school English teacher. Somewhere in all of this I write a best seller.

But that's best-case.

Now that I've vented I feel slightly better, so I think I'll call it wraps for now.

~Au revoir,
Potentially Dangerous
I have been kicked out of my room for the second time in four weeks. This is because my bedroom serves as our guest bedroom.

Four weeks ago, my uncle came to visit. Got kicked out then. Now my dad is visiting for the weekend and I've been kicked into my sister's room again. This time I have a cot to sleep on though, way more comfortable than the hardwood floors.

Last weekend Dana went down to California and brought back a late friend's cat, Tigger. Our cats have such unoriginal names.

I'm on several kicks:

Peggy Lee
Eartha Kitt
Pink Martini

Yu-Gi-Oh (More importantly, Puppyshipping)

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

I'm also listening to several FSTS, though I'm gonna have to admit that the USUK FST "Because of You" (Both sides) is featuring more heavily than any other at this point.


Remember that I mentioned my best friend being grounded? Well, she's off grounding and here's what happened, as promised. She had information on someone the police were after, and the police came after her about it. Her mom (nutjob that she is) mistook this for Kira having done something wrong and grounded her for it.


I guess I forgot to mention I have a crush on these two guys, one is a friend (We'll call him Nitroglycerin [may also be shortened to Nitro] and pray he never finds this) and one who went to middle school with me (We'll call him Cobalt and hope he never finds this).

Kira's pining away over a friend of ours nicknamed Shokora. This wouldn't be a problem if we knew where he was. He's in foster care because his dad is/was Schizophrenic. The last we heard he was in Arizona. Kira's also in like of this guy at her high school. Katsuye has a steady boyfriend whom she loves very much and we're all very happy for her and I'm a little jealous of her. Megumi isn't that interested in boys, she's too busy taking pictures to care about guys. And poor Aya goes to a highly intolerant high school and he's trying to find a guy that might actually like him back (Much as we all wish he could have Gerard Butler, I don't think it's happening anytime in this universe, but go ahead and prove me wrong). Me? Please, I wish I could find someone.

My friends all have pretty generic real names actually, no offense to them. Not me, my parents wanted me to be different. They had to spell it phonetically as opposed to the original Gaelic spelling and people still don't pronounce it right! I was originally going to be Kathleen Elizabeth (or Sean Patrick if I was a boy).

Cobalt is moving to Virginia in January, which makes for a Misa who bursts into tears every time she sees anything artificially flavored raspberry or mint (another story for another time, maybe never). He wants to be in the Marines.

I should probably get to sleep now, it's already after 0130.

~Au revoir,
3rd-Nov-2009 09:43 pm - Blast from the Past
Potentially Dangerous
So the other day I got a friend request on Facebook from a girl who was one of my so-called “friends” at my Catholic school about four or five years ago. Best part is, I’ve seen pictures of all my old classmates and they all still look the same.

Some things that have changed since I went to Catholic school:

- Taste in music
- Ability to choose friends who are actually my friends
- Fringe colour (Multiple times) (You’ll sometimes see me use British terms or spelling, it’s just this weird thing with me)
- Height
- Weight
- Sexual orientation
- Religious beliefs (read: I have no religious beliefs.)
- Attitude
- Independence levels

To use a non-list format, I’ll start here.

Since we moved out to Seattle, I have started listening to all kinds of music, drinking coffee, picking people who actually like me to be my friends, and dying my fringe strange colours (fire-engine red and “Caribbean Blue” so far). I now stand at a nice 5’ 1/2” to my height the last time I saw them, 4’ 3”. At my most recent doctor’s appointment, I weighed 93 pounds, as opposed to the 80 I weighed back then when I was on Stratera. I’ve filled out in typical teenage fashion.

I’m some sort of punk-alternagoth now. Not emo, I don’t really qualify for that.

I’ve gotten more perverted.

I dropped the Catholicism and decided maybe-there-is-maybe-there-isn’t. I’ve started dating both genders, and I’m d@mn proud of it, thanks a bunch. Also, I swear too fu(king much.

I’ve got four people who will always be on my friends list (outside of my family), Kira (a nickname), Megumi (also a nickname), Katsuye (also a nickname), and Aya (also a nickname).

I’ve gotten both tougher and more artistic. I picked up and appear to be doing well with drawing and writing. I am my own person, and anyone who tries to bend me to their will is going to see their @$$ kicked to the curb before they can even see it coming.

I’ve delved into the realm of video games, fanfiction, anime, manga, etc. and don’t seem to be any worse for the wear (if you don’t count my obsessions, but I don’t).

I wear my own d@mn style and look good doing it. But Hell, when you weigh 93 pounds, you can make just about anything look good. But my style involves bright colors, black, mythical creatures, baggy or suffocating jeans, plaid skirts, and the open-plaid-button-down-over-tee look mostly.

I guess I’ll wrap this up for now.

~Au revoir,
Potentially Dangerous
Internet Alias: I go by several, but here I'm using Misa and Kitty.
Age: Fifteen
DoB: 7-10-94
Gender: Female
Hair: Blonde
Height: 153.67 cm
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual, I’m attracted to both males and females
I live with my mother (we shall call her T), her second husband (we’ll call him Dana), my little sister ebony_death (She goes by Satsu on the internet and I'll probably call her Ebony here), our three cats (Pogen, Truth, and Prayer), and our yellow peach-faced lovebird (Coincidentally named Peach) in Seattle, Washington. T’s ex-husband, my biological father (He’s Ed), lives in Spokane, about 280 miles from where we live. We see him every once in a while, and visit for a week in the summer, and spend half of our winter break with him.

Up until second semester of last year, I had gone to (relatively) normal schools. Then second semester, I switched over to Insight School of Washington, an online high school. I am willing to try almost any food once. I’m a huge supporter of gay rights. There are three secondary languages I’ve tried to learn in school: Spanish (gave up after nine years of relearning the exact same vocabulary every year), Japanese (I would like to have continued, but Japanese was only offered at my old high school and isn’t offered at Insight), and French, the language I’m currently taking.

I like anime and manga, and do occasionally geek out about it. Not sure if that makes me a weeaboo/wapanese/whatever (contradictory definitions are contradictory) or not, I don’t really care.

I have ADD, which not only causes problems in school, but it also means I’m easily distracted by all manner of shiny, fast-moving, or brightly colored/multi-color things. This makes my biggest ADD-related weakness my dream car, a 2010 Mustang GT convertible in bright blue. Too bad I can’t drive. I’m probably really weird, because I have three “imaginary friends” I guess you could call them that are 16 cm tall humans with wings, and they’re my muses. If you’re interested in them, I made biography things for them on my ff.net profile. I also draw and read.

I like having battles of wit with unarmed people, especially on the internet. People are pretty stupid on the internet, and I think I’ll include myself in that.

I'm a slightly rabid an avid fan of yaoi/shounen-ai. I have a long list of pairings. I'll probably make a journal just about that.

I tend to not really care if I offend anyone, if you don't like me, you can just move on. I change for no one but myself.

I think I’m done now for introducing myself.

~Au revoir,

(And remember: An eye for an eye makes the whole world go blind, but a tooth for a tooth makes the whole world starve to death (or live off applesauce).)
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